Our Vision


Sundays 9:30 AM, Saturdays 6:00 PM

Our Vision

To be a WORD-centered, Spirit-filled, multi-cultural, and missional community of believers of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles.

We will thrust into the world as a biblically-sharpened and potent Spirit-filled force winning souls, planting and building communities of discipled believers equipped to preach the Gospel through transformed lives.

Our Mission

To reach out to the people of Los Angeles and surrounding cities to share the love and saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We inspire believers to serve in ministries and build communities of families where lives are transformed to reflect the love of God.We believe that we have a missions mandate to reach and evangelize the nations for Jesus.

Our Core Values

WIN-LA is committed to living by the WORD of God, and to making His WORD known to all nations. The WORD does not just refer to the Scriptures, nor the Lord Jesus Christ, it has also become for our church an acronym (W.O.R.D.), standing for the core values which we have committed to live by and to pass on from generation to generation.


We are committed to worship God, to love and serve Him with all our heart and soul and strength.


We are committed to go into all the world and to be witnesses of Jesus Christ for all people to know and experience the saving grace that comes through Him alone.


We are committed to building a community of believers, bound by their love for God and for His people and united in fulfilling His call to serve all people and nurture them into living a life of faith and obedience.


We are committed to raising followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.